How to Transfer Google Play Music Library to YouTube Music

Google Play Music is moving away at the end of the year, leaving YouTube Music as Google’s only streaming audio services. But before that happens, you’ve got the chance to transfer over your music library, recommendations, bought songs, and personal uploads to YouTube Music with just a couple taps. This will make sure you won’t lose any content when Google Play Music is eventually shut down.



Youtube Music to Google Play Music

Google today revealed it’s trying to facilitate Google Play Music into its final hours, making it easier for anybody who still uses it to shift to its adequate replacement, YouTube Music. To that end, Google today announced a new feature that enables users to export their entire library from the former program to the latter. According to the YouTube Blog article, the main reason it’s introduced this feature is that users will”no longer using Google Play Music later this year.”

Google is currently inviting Google Play Music users to transfer their music libraries, tastes, and playlists to YouTube Music. Both services will stay online for the near future, but those of you who are still on the legacy platform has all of the tools you want to make the switch when you’re ready to do so.

The transfer process can be carried out with an Android apparatus, iPhone, or from the web. No matter which way you choose, all your stuff gets moved over from the background, and you will have the ability to listen to YouTube Music and utilize the app like normal. you can also read: How to Delete Instagram All comments in Few Seconds

Transfer Your Google Play Music library to YouTube Music

You can do it from either an app or by the web browser. For the latter, go to the YouTube Music Transfer page. For the former, you should see a banner offering to make the transfer when you start the program (it will also appear as an option in your preferences.

Once you initiate the transfer, it will show you all the things you’re moving from Google Play Music. According to Google, it should include”your uploads, purchases, additional songs, and albums, subscribed and personal playlists, preferences, curated stations, and personal taste preferences.” In the app, you will see a progress bar indicating how much time is left in the transfer. You can keep using YouTube Music while it is happening.



After the import is complete, you should see a choice on the front page to allow you to proceed to listen to what you heard in Google Play Music. If you continue to use Google Play Music, you may have to perform the transfer again.

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