Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S Review Cheap Price With Best Performance

Xiaomi is notorious for releasing smartphones that outshine their similarly priced rivals or manages to provide a great price-performance ratio over and over (and over) again. At around 210 dollars you get a device with a good display, 128 GB of storage, and 6 GB of RAM. Interestingly just Xiaomi lists another identically priced SKU with 64 GB of storage including 4 GB of RAM on its website. Who knows, maybe some buyers require less storage.

Design of Redmi Note 9S

Each new Redmi phone includes a still quite Xiaomi but slightly refined design. Here, with Redmi Notice 9S, we have moved away from the display notch we have seen in previous generations into some new’Dot Drop’ screen. This involves a very small cutout on the peak of the screen for the selfie camera, while the speaker is not hard to miss at the very top of this screen tucked into the framework, leaving all else free to the display, screen, and much more display.

And what a lot of displays there’s. In 6.67in, you understand why Xiaomi refers to the Redmi telephone as a note’ model. But while it is on the big side, the telephone itself isn’t unwieldy. With an impressive 91 percent screen-to-body ratio and a tall 20:9 facet, the Note 9S is comfortable to hold in one hand, if a bit difficult to attain your thumb directly across the display and function without resorting to two palms. It is also on the heavy side in 209g, which is due to some generous battery indoors, but a reasonably slender 8.8millimeter chassis and rounded edges in the back help keep things manageable.

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Xiaomi has produced a distinctive new camera bulge design that plays on the subject of symmetry. The flash is listed under the four camera lenses. The camera module does stand out quite a bit though. The front and back of the Redmi Notice 9 Pro are both made with Gorilla Glass 5, while the framework is polycarbonate. The most distinguishing feature on the front is obviously the new embedded selfie camera, which is based on the peak of the screen. It’s somewhat distracting, and the screen’s backlighting is somewhat uneven around it. We noticed that the picture of this Redmi Notice 9 Pro on the cover of its box appears to reveal a smaller hole and narrow chin than the device actually has. Having said that, the phone still seems modern and certainly defies expectations for its price category.


The Redmi Notice 9 Pro provides a 6.67-inch full-HD+ screen with 2400x1080p resolution and 450nit brightness. You receive a coating of Corning Gorilla Glass 5 to the front for more protection and Xiaomi claims to have added an anti-oil and anti-fingerprint protective coating also.

Redmi Notice 9 Pro Battery Life and Performance

Buyers get two choices when it comes to storage. You also get support for a microSD card at the Redmi Note 9 Guru up to 512GB so that solves the issue for everyone who might feel that on-board storage is less.

At this time, with the sort of hardware used at the low end of the current market, there is not much that could be said about regular usage. The Redmi Notice 9 Pro is more than strong enough to handle anything from basic calls and messaging all of the ways up to heavy 3D gaming, without difficulty whatsoever. If you are used to a higher screen refresh rate you might realize that missing, but most people should not really mind — besides the feeling of missing out on something.

Ergonomically, this is not the easiest phone to use, as we have said. The huge screen does work well for games and videos, but the dimensions and position of the camera bulge make holding the Redmi Notice 9 Guru in the landscape whilst playing games just a bit uncomfortable. Holding it up to take long calls may also have fatiguing.

The display is pretty bright and crisp. Colors do seem lively, and there are a number of adjustments in the Settings program if you would like to play them. We did locate the camera hole somewhat distracting when watching videos full-screen. Some apps are intended to mask notches on the peak of the screen with a black ring, and these may have to be updated to account for the size and positioning of camera holes such as the one on this phone.

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